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Better Than the Movies is a young adult romantic comedy created by Lynn Painter (2021). This novel recognizes the story of Liz Buxbaum, a senior in high school who has a martyrization for romance movies and was succeeded by her late mother. This movie is a playful, funny story that takes you into the life of teenager Liz Buxbaum as she navigates a senior year full of emotional and important events. Also, including her childhood crush returning to town from Texas.

Better than the movies

About Better Than the Movies

This novel title focuses on the proposal of the story made to the cinematic romantic comedy genre that became creative in the 1980s and 1990s. Each chapter of this novel is taken from a classic romantic comedy.  Moreover, it tells and supports the events in this chapter. These movies are 10 Things I Hate About You, Pretty Woman, The Sandlot, and Notting Hill. A little while, in this movie Liz introduces her special movies such as When Harry Met Sally, Bridget Jones’s Diary, and You’ve Got Mail.

Character Analysis of Better Than the Movies

Elizabeth Buxbaum the protagonist of the novel is 17-year-old Liz Buxbaum. Her personality includes red hair and romantic. She knows about fashions determined by her mother, whom she describes as her memorable day. Liz expands her mother’s style as her style which others tease her. After the death of her mother at a young age, she cared very much about her time together. she spent her time watching movies and consuming romantic movies. She is confident that by watching these romantic movies, her time spend well, and she is possessive of her mother because she very close to her.

This was the reason that she opposed her growing feelings for Wes. She was confident that her mother didn’t like Wes and didn’t want her to fall in love. Rather, Liz is confident that her mother would want her to be with someone like Michael. Liz also struggles to keep the memory of her mother alive by keeping her stepmother, Helena, at a distance. Helena is pretty, funny, and chill. But, although Liz likes her, at the start she finds it difficult to bond with Helena truthfully. She feels that she let down her mother if she were to do conventional mother-daughter things with Helena. Also, I like shopping for prom dresses.

Liz father in Better Than the Movies

Liz feels sorrow for her mother and not having her presence at such a crucial pattern. Moreover, in her life is heartbreaking for both of them. It was difficult to see the main character trying to come to terms and survive with something so destructive. 

Further, her father urges Liz to make more of a strive with her stepmother. Moreover, this causes further problems as Liz is anxious that Helene is trying to take her mother’s place in her life. Liz’s method of dealing with sorrow leaves her at a very low point in the book. However, her way of dealing with distress leads to perhaps the best occasion of character development in a romantic young adult book. Besides, Liz’s dejected romantic side ties into the book with the return of her childhood crush, Michael. However, this causes her to plan a fake dating scheme with Wes to have Michael ask her to prom. 

The book’s conventional itself also repeats romantic qualities. At also beginning of every chapter there is a quote from well known romantic movie such as “Bridget Jones”. This was an ingredient of the book that,  while small, was something that made it feel as if the novel encloses all of these love stories in a book about two teenagers.

Book review of Better Than the Movies

The important point in the story is Liz’s sorrow, especially her introversion to become close with her stepmother, Helena. She scuffles to let her in because she does not want to replace her mum. It’s Liz’s senior year and everyone is out there enjoying things for the last time with her parents. Moreover, she is left out because she can’t experience those with her mother. Those conflicting feelings Liz felt were very programmatic and emotional. On the other hand, Liz had a huge blunder problem which can be frustrating. The whole story, full of cute, funny, and adorable moments between the characters, Better Than The Movies is a loveable and entertaining read, so it’s perfect for rom-com lovers! Each chapter introduce with a quote from a classic romance film and there is even a list at the end that goes with the story of the characters!


In the end, this story concludes that she feels more calm about her mother’s death than she has in the past. Generally, the climax of “Better Than the Movies” is a satisfying conclusion to Liz’s journey. She stumbles on that sometimes what we think we want isn’t undoubtedly what we need, and that true love can come from unpredicted places.

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