Denise Louie Education Center


History of Denise Louie Education Center

The Denise Louie Education Center honors a passionate Chinese-American activist whose crucial contribution to the revitalization of Seattle’s International District (SID) left a lasting impact. Denise was a devoted board member of Inter*im (International District Improvement Association), and up until her untimely death, she played a key role in leading the district’s redevelopment efforts.

Denise Louie Education Center

Uncle Bob Santos, a former executive director of InterIm, came up with the idea in 1978 as a result of a turning point. In the center of the International District, a sizable apartment structure was completely destroyed by fire, forcing many Interim clients to relocate. One of them was a distraught local who desperately needed a place to put her child while she went to work. Mr. Santos saw the need for the International District Child Care Center and wanted to start it.

Denise Louie oversaw the establishment of the first International District Child Care Center, which had its modest beginnings in the former Bailey Gatzert Elementary School’s basement. The needs of Asian immigrant restaurant and garment workers in the area for child care were promptly met. Denise Louie Education Center (DLEC) is the new name given to the facility by the Inter*im Board in honor of Denise Louie, who died at the age of just 22.

Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP)

The Office of Head Start and the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP), Washington’s state pre-k project, are two funding sources that have supported DLEC. This has made it possible for us to provide kind, individual attention to families from the city’s southern areas, where many immigrant and refugee populations exist. More than 80% of our families speak a language that isn’t English as the main language at home. All of our programs place an extreme value on the crucial functions played by the home, the school, culture, society, and inclusivity. Importantly, they are available to many families without charge, ensuring that every kid is kindergarten-ready.

Importance of Denise Louie Education Center

The foundation for determining the futures of the youngest members of our community, especially those from families of color and those with high needs, is the provision of high-quality early learning services, including home visits and daycare for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Access to early education is a key equalizer, giving kids a solid foundation to achieve more egalitarian results as adults. This idea is going to backed up by research.

The Denise Louie Education Center (DLEC) is one such organization that the Center for Children and Families. At Brookings highlights play a crucial part in this effort. In order to close the “opportunity gap,” DLEC works to giving kids from all backgrounds including those from families of color. The resources they need to be successful when they start preschool. Along with that, we provide their families with important tools and information. Together, we put in a never-ending effort to advance equity, making sure every child has a solid foundation for their educational path.

The benefits of early learning investments extend beyond those of the individual and benefit the whole community. Beyond numbers, we regularly see success stories, particularly among our preschool alumni at DLEC. Moreover, premier early childhood programs like DLEC produce a $4–$9 return on investment for every $1 invested, according to data from the National Forum on Early Childhood Policy and Programs.

The successes of grownups who had access to top-notch early childhood education provide additional support. They exhibit a higher propensity to finish high school, pursue further education, and obtain advanced academic certifications. Also, the message is crystal clear: the seeds of success are spreading early, and institutions like DLEC is providing the fostering environment for them to develop.

The mission of Denise Louie Education Center

Through intercultural early learning, the Denise Louie Education Center places a high priority on school and life readiness. By respecting their distinct identities, cultural backgrounds, and native languages. Also, we provide services to children and families, focusing on those who are most in need. Integrity, love, social justice, and peace are the cornerstones of our strategy for fostering social and personal responsibility.

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