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Fly Guy Books written by Tedd Arnold (born January 20, 1949, in Elmira, New York, United States) is a children’s book writer and artist. He wrote and artist over a hundred books, and he has won the Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor for his books “Hi! Fly Guy!” (2006), “I Spy Fly Guy” (2010), and “Noodleheads Can See the Future” (2018).

Fly Guy Books

Background of Fly Guy Books

Tedd qualified from the University of Florida with a BFA. He worked as a commercial artist before beginning his career writing children’s books. Arnold encounters his wife, Carol, while living in Florida. Carol, a former kindergarten teacher, inspired him to write and illustrate children’s books. His sons, Walter and William, are the inspiration for some of his characters and stories.

 About Fly Guy Books

Parents and teachers love these books because they appeal to both unwilling and eager readers, and help kids ages 4 to 8 transition to independent reading. Also, large text and plenty of dialogue (along with the occasional speech bubble) make these books available to growing readers of all levels.

Popular books like Fly Guy Books

Hi, Fly Guy(overview)

A fly went flying,” opens Arnold’s (Parts ) brief, lovely tale, discovered in three chapters. At the same time, “A boy went walking.” The winged fellow is looking for food and the boy is searching for a creature for the upcoming Amazing Pet Show. The two equally and comically bug-eyed beings meet when the fly strikes with the human hero’s nose “boink ” and the lad seizes it in a glass jar. In the angry trumps she said, Buzz the astonished boy replies, You know my name! You are the most stylish pet in the world! Buzz shows his new pet, which he names Fly Guy, to his parents; his father introduces that flies are pests. Moreover, seize swatter until the sly fly lands on Buzz’s nose and calls him by name.

In one of the book’s amusing pictures, Fly Guy Books is dwarfed by the hot dog Buzz places in his jar, most of which he joyfully consumes. However the pet shows judges tell Buzz that Soar doesn’t qualify as a pet, Fly Guy rises to the instance and wows the judges with various feats, concluding the prize for the smartest pet. Suitably wacky cartoon art goes with the text, which is simple enough for beginning readers ready to soar to a chapter-book format. Ages 4-8. (Sept.)

Buzz Boy and Fly Guy(overview)
The second book is an entertaining, easy-to-read series about a boy and his fly! Fly Guy loves the school lunchroom. Moreover, he loves the dirty dishes, the smelly mop, and the dirty cans. But when the lunch ladies stumbled there’s a fly in the cafeteria, and chaos ensues! However Fly Guy books make a mess of things, he also shows his powers as a Super Fly Guy!
Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl(overview)

Fly Guy made a new friend: Fly Girl! Suddenly Fly Guy books encounters his match, and her name is Fly Girl. Fly guy flies stylishly. Fly Girl can do fancier flying. Moreover, can eat gross stuff. Fly Girl can eat crude stuff. Also, he can say his boy’s name Buzz. And Fly Girl can say her girl’s name–Liz!

Super Fly Guy(overview)

Tedd Arnold’s hilarious SUPER FLY GUY Books was genuinely published in 2006.

The second book in a funny way, award winning series about a boy and his pet fly is now available as a Level 2 reader! Fly Guy loves the school lunchroom. But when the lunch ladies uncover there is a fly in the cafeteria, chaos ensues! Using hyperbole, puns, slapstick, and silly drawings, bestselling author/artist Tedd Arnold creates an easy-to-read story that is full of fun and happiness.

Shoo, Fly Guy Books

Fly Guy arrives home to find that Buzz has gone on a picnic without him! Sad and hungry, Fly Guy takes off to explore of his favorite food. He gets chased away from a hamburger, a slice of pizza, a dog’s bones, and even roadkill leaving readers to guess what Fly Guy’s favorite oozy, lumpy, smelly, brown food could be. It is Shoo Fly Pie, of course! Using hyperbole, slapstick, and silly drawings Tedd Arnold delivers an easy reader that is full of fun in his NEW YORK TIMES bestselling Fly Guy Books series.


Fly Guy has a love for the school lunchroom because he lives the dirty dishes, the smelly mop, and the waste materials. But when the lunch ladies stumbled she saw that there was a fly in the cafeteria, and chaos ensued. also, Fly Guy Books makes a mess of things, he also shows his powers as a super Fly Guy.

Fly Guy is hungry. He wants something brown and smelly. Yuck!

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