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The best-selling I Survived Books has bowed countless children on history, science, and reading. These ancient fiction books traverse the world’s most exciting and terrifying events — from volcanic explosions to world-changing acts of war — through the eyes of kids who survived them first-hand. 

Because of that, the ideal reads to get your child interested in learning and interested in the subjects they explore in class. Lauren Tarshis, author of the I Survived series, shares her best tips and guidance for helping your child dive into the series and walk away a keen reader.  

I Survived Books

I Survived Books for younger readers

It is indeed a secret that the I Survived books charm a wide range of ages, from younger simple students to high school students or even adults reading with their kids. It is best to let kids in grades 3 and up start the series by choosing what stimulates their interest. While some kids captivate by topics like tornadoes or volcanoes, others might want to begin with the American Revolution or World War II. 

If your younger child is attentive in the series, remember that the books cover some great topics. Tarshis said, “My characters experience loss and scary events, so it’s important for parents to review their younger child’s sensitivities,”. 

Some books are better for young readers, such as those sleeve the events of the Titanic and the Hindenburg disaster.

I Survived books for your child’s

While each I Survived books read unaided. There are many ways to the group of books to strengthen your child’s background knowledge of explicit historical events — or build upon their interest in a particular topic.

“Both series the Titanic and the Hindenburg were the real species. The most expensive, and thought to be accident-proof. In both cases, their deaths shocked the world and changed ideas about technology.” 

“Kids also tell me they love reading books that set in the same common time, which can give them a strong land in that era,” adds Tarshis. They noticed many shared details but also picked up so much more as they read each book.

I Survived Books for consecutive Reader’s:

While kids may want to start with the topics that pique their interest the most, they can also take an exciting journey through history by reading the I Survived Books chronologically. 

“I feel good that more kids are getting knowledge by reading the books in this way. The beginning with the ruination of Pompeii in A.D. 79 and moving through history to present-day topics like the Joplin tornado of 2011. The upcoming I Survived book about the California wildfires of 2018,” says Tarshis. “You have so many great dialogues with them about how our lives have and have not changed over the centuries.”

That said, kids can start the progression with any book or I Survived Books. Many people are excited to dive into successive books after finding a topic they captivated by or that their friends recommend. 

I Survived titles with your child’s current curriculum.

As your child learns about different periods from their teacher, the I Survived series will build upon that knowledge. What’s more, it’ll get them angular on learning by illustrating events through the eyes of kids their age. 

Some books can support your child’s curriculum about major wars. While others can enhance learning around westward expansion and the gold rush. 

“I try to pack the I Survived Books with details in groups. However so, kids understand core knowledge about history and science,” says Tarshis. “It’s appreciable when what they read at home connects with what they’ve learned in class. That background knowledge can give kids confidence and help them attract more deeply in school.” 

I Survived Book review

I Survived Books is a Non-Fiction book because the events that occur in this book happened. Lucas was the only person who saw the 2 gigantic airplanes crash into the Twin Towers right before his eyes. In addition, he saw them crumble and he, his father, and his Uncle were very lucky to have survived!

This book is about the Petrified 9-11 attacks that occurred at 8:46 am in New York City. Thousands of people scare by an explosion and almost 3000 people died in a minute. The concepts covered in this book, include eyewitness details of what occurred during the attacks. For example, this nightmare that occurs describe by Lucas. The sky went from bright blue to dark black smoke immediately. It was a challenge for people just to breathe, never mind survive.

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