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Chicago is the thirst most popular city in the United States of America. The University of Chicago is a private research base Institute. Also, this is the one university that holds the top 10 positions in the various national and international universities. But, the main campus of the university is near Chicago’s Hyde Park in the city. The university consists of an undergraduate college with four graduate research divisions. Also, these research divisions contain all the institute programs. It has eight professional schools that run under this university. This center also has many campuses in other countries such as Delhi, London, Paris, and also in downtown Chicago.

The University of Chicago

The most important role played by the scholars of Chicago University was the addition of many other subjects like economics, law, mathematics, physics, etc. The metallurgical laboratory of Chicago University produced the first man-made nuclear reaction. The advance in chemistry led to the revolution of the carbon dating technique, which is use in the analysis of the age of fossils. The university also has popularity as the world largest press in the world present in the United States of America.

History of the University of Chicago:

The university was established as a coeducational institution in 1890 with the help of the Baptist Educational Society of America. Donation of $600,000 from the Standard Oil cofounder John D Rockefeller. However, the land donate by Marshall Field. The donation from Rockefeller was enough for academic operation and long-term use. But, the Hyde Park campus finance by many wealthy Chicagoans. The Hyde Park campus continues its legacy by the original name of the university. Moreover, the old University of Chicago was founded in 1856 by a small group of Baptist educators, land for this institute was given by Senator Stephen A. Douglas. However, after a fire accident, this institute closed in 1886. Alumni from the old University are recognized as the Alumni of the new University.

The president of the University of Chicago

The first president of the university was William Rainey Harper on July 1, 1891. The new classes at Hyde Park campus started on October 1, 1892. Harper worked on building up the faculty. Then he has a faculty of 120, which includes there were eight former college and university principals. The first president Harper died in 1906.

Schools related to the University of Chicago

Many schools have a relationship with the University of Chicago. These schools include; the business school that become in 1898. The second school “The Law School” was founded in 1902. After the death of the first president, three new presidents completed their era until 1929.

Expansion project of the university

In the mid-2000s, the university began many multimillion-dollar expansion projects in the university. In 2008, the plan was announced to establish the new institutes of the University of Chicago. This institute name the Milton Friedman Institute. This institute attracted both support and disagreement from faculty members and students.

Campuses of the university

There are many campuses of the institute but the main campus of the University of Chicago consists of 217 acres near Hyde Park. The university has two main portions northern and southern separated by Midway Plaisance. This is a linear park create in 1893. However, the first building of the university campus is called the Main Quadrangle. This main quadrangle consists of six quadrangles which is surround by building.

Academic sessions at the University of Chicago:

The academics at the University of Chicago consist of colleges, universities, and professional schools. This institute contains a library system that includes the University of Chicago Press, the University of Chicago Medical Center, and many overseas laboratories work under the university. The academic system of the university has a quarter system in the academic year divided into four parts; the first quarter starts in winter from June to August, the second quarter in winter from January to March, and the last quarter in spring from April to June. The school session starts in late September and ends in mid-June.

Reputation and ranking of the university:

In the late 19th century the University of Chicago consider the most wealthiest and prestigious Institute in America. However, the university was the founder of the Association of America to eluate Higher Education in America in 1900. The university has an extensive record of producing successful business leaders and billionaires in America. Also, the University of Chicago is consider among the top 10 universities in the world. The university’s Institute of Law and Schools of Business ranked among the top three professional schools in the United States.  According to the report of US News “The Business School” is currently rank first among all the schools.  The law college of the university ranked third among the law colleges of the world and in the United States of America.

Undergraduate college and schools of the University:

Many undergraduate colleges work under the University of Chicago. College grants many Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. There are five divisions of college’s academics; biological sciences, physical sciences, social science, and humanities. The university also runs a lot of academic institutions along with undergraduate schools and colleges. In this institution, there are hundreds of students get an education. Also, many other institutes run under the University of Chicago to serve different fields of education.

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